4 Online Learning Socialization Myths

4 Online Learning Socialization Myths

Because online learning is a relatively new phenomenon, a lot of myths have been generated, especially when it comes to socialization.  The stereotypical online learner is holed away in their room and never gets outside to meet other people.  This couldn’t be farther from the truth.  To shed light on this misconception, we’ve come up with an article that outlines four online learning socialization myths.


Students Don’t Interact With Their Classmates

Online learning has gained a stigma that students don’t actually interact with any of their classmates.  Not only is this untrue, many online courses offer just as many chances for interaction as traditional classrooms do.  Group projects, chat rooms and shared documents make interaction with classmates an important part of many online courses.  Technology has made student interaction in an online environment easy and natural.


Students Don’t Interact With Their Teachers

Similar to classmates, students still interact with their teachers on a regular basis.  Technology makes it easy for the student to ask questions, confirm ideas and speak to their teacher in a one-on-one situation without any of the social anxieties of doing it in front of the whole class.  Online courses often have a lower student to teacher ratio which allows more time for the teacher to spend with their students.


There Are No Extracurricular Activities

Many online campuses offer several opportunities for extracurricular clubs, meetings and social gatherings.  These can range from chat sessions to online lectures to actual in-person congregations.  Just because the coursework is done online doesn’t mean that everything needs to be done online.  Check with your school to see what kind of clubs, societies and extra events they offer.


Online Students Can’t Deal With The Real World

Some people worry that taking online course won’t prepare students for dealing with the outside world.  The fact is that because online students are required to take more responsibility for their own work, they actually end up being more capable of taking care of themselves when they’re ready to take on a career.  Self direction is a valuable real world skill that’s quickly learned when taking online courses.



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