4 Tips that Can Help You Excel When Studying with a Jewish Online School

4 Tips that Can Help You Excel When Studying with a Jewish Online School

Jewish online When you take courses at the JVHS you have a lot of flexibility in the makeup of those courses along with when you do your work. That said, the JVHS is proud of our standards and we don’t simply give top grades for good behaviour. We expect a commitment from our online students that matches, and in some ways exceeds, that shown by students at any of the best brick and mortar high schools. Still, we understand that for first time online students the experience can take some getting used to so below we’re going to provide several tips that should help you excel when studying with the JVHS.

Getting the Most from Your Jewish Online Courses

Here are 4 tips that should make things easier once you’ve signed up for online courses at JVHS:

    1. Don’t Assume Anything – Students who are less than successful studying online are typically those who entered the process with a boatload of assumptions about how easy it was going to be. It’s not. We offer courses that are designed to challenge as well as inform. Our instructors are all highly regarded education professionals with years of experience and proven track records. So leave your assumptions at the door and be prepared for a stimulating, enriching experience.
    2. Organization is Key – When you study online with JVHS you’ll need to make organization a priority. It will be up to you to keep track of materials, course times, topics, hand in dates and everything else. Organize all your related files in a way that makes intuitive sense to you and always make sure you have backups of everything, especially any work that is to be submitted. Remember too that if you’re watching an online lecture it’s still important to take notes.
    3. Manage your Time – With brick and mortar schools starting times for classes are well laid out and understood. With Jewish online courses when you study and complete assignments will be up to you. Therefore, you’re going to need to learn how to manage your time effectively. Procrastination is the undoing of many a would-be online student. Don’t let it happen to you.
    4. Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Help – Another common reason some online students fail is that they are afraid to ask their online instructor for help. Your instructor may not be there with you personally but he or she still cares about you. So if you’re having a problem put up your digital hand in the form of an email or SMS or phone call and get help before you start falling behind.

At the Jewish Virtual High School it is our mission to bring first class educational opportunities to our remote students. All of our Jewish online courses and exams are in full compliance with Ontario Secondary School Diploma requirements and will be valuable additions to your academic record. Call us at 905-761-6279 ext. 245 or email us at info@jvhighschool.com to find out more.

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