5 Reasons to Choose Our Jewish Courses Online Over Others

5 Reasons to Choose Our Jewish Courses Online Over Others

Jewish courses online There are a number of different institutions offering online Jewish courses for high school students. And while most have your best interest at heart the fact is not all online Jewish courses are created equal. Most are simply a rehashing of what you’ll get in a typical brick and mortar public high school with a smattering of references to Jewish culture thrown in. The Jewish Virtual High School is different. We are powered by Torah High and have the full resources of that renowned and innovative Jewish educational institution behind us. Torah High are innovators when it comes to devising effective Jewish courses online and JVHS is the logical extension of their commitment to Jewish students.

Jewish Courses Online That are a Cut Above

Students come to JVHS for a variety of reasons but they come back because of the quality of the experience. Here are 5 reasons the JVHS experience rises above the competition:

      1. The quality of the courses – When it comes to online education it all begins with the quality of the courses. JVHS, by way of Torah High, has years of experience devising innovative and effective online courses that engage students thematically, culturally and intellectually. These are not simple exercises in memorization. Our classes are designed to engage students in a comprehensive exploration of their heritage.
      2. The quality of our educators – The people chosen to teach our students are some of the best in their respective fields and all have copious experience with the intricacies of Jewish education. They are big picture individuals who know how to present information in a way that produces insight, not simply data. No other institution offering online Jewish courses can compete with the quality of our teaching staff.
      3. Innovative OCOs – Torah High provides JVHS students with a variety of Out of Class Options. What we like to call OCOs. These provide students an opportunity to gain a broader understanding of the world we all share and are an invaluable tool for gaining the perspective that is so important to the development of productive, well-adjusted adults.
      4. Full accreditation – JVHS is fully accredited by the province of Ontario and all of our online offerings are in full compliance with Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) requirements. The credits you receive as a result of taking our Jewish courses online will be an invaluable addition to your permanent academic record.
      5. The full resources of Torah High – Torah High are innovators in online Jewish education and have a well-earned reputation for providing high quality, effective and engaging online courses for high school students. JVHS is a product of Torah High and as such is able to take full advantage of the immense resources Torah High has accumulated and cultivated over the years.

      There is online Jewish education and then there is JVHS. We set the standard by which others are judged and to which others aspire and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Get in touch today to learn more.

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