About JVHS

Welcome to Jewish Virtual High School!

Jewish Virtual High School (JVHS) is the first Jewish online school offering a variety of courses for credit

Students can register online for any course at any time and progress through the course at their own pace. All of the course content is available online for students to work through. The assignments are all submitted to the online dropbox within the learning environment. Any tests or quizzes will also be completed online and will be open-book and timed. The final exam is also completed online under the supervision of an appropriate proctor. The student gets to choose the time, date and location of the final exam, but must have an approved proctor there to supervise as the exam is written online. When the course is finished, Jewish Virtual High School (JVHS) will send official copies of the final report card to the student’s home address as well as back to the student’s home school, where it can be added to the list of courses on the Ontario Student Transcript (OST).

Each course contains instructional content that covers all Ontario curriculum expectations. Assignments and tests will be placed throughout the course content for the student to work through and submit online. Interactive activities and multimedia elements are placed throughout the content to engage students, provide opportunities to practice understanding, and differentiate instruction. JVHS is powered by Torah High, with seed funding from the Koschitzky Centre for Jewish Education and WOW!

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