High School Credit Online

High School Credit Online: Students choose to study with Jewish high school credit onlineVirtual High School (JVHS) for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they need to make up credits due to circumstances beyond their control, or perhaps they’re interested in studying subjects related to their cultural background that are not offered in regular brick and mortar high schools. Whatever the reason JVHS makes it easy and affordable to obtain high school credit by studying online.

Learning Jewish Studies Online is a Reality with the JVHS

Online learning is a perfect fit for today’s young people who’ve grown up with the Internet and spend hours every day connecting with friends and family through various social media outlets. This is perhaps the first generation truly ready and able to move beyond the bounds of the traditional high school environment and take advantage of the many benefits of online learning, including:

  • The removal of learning barriers: Weather, distance, scheduling conflicts and family obligations are no longer obstacles to learning when you study online.
  • The end of arbitrary schedules: Students learn when they’re able. No one is punished for being late because there is no ‘late’. There’s only complete or incomplete.
  • Non-traditional course offerings: Students get to choose what they want to study in addition to the traditional core curriculum.
  • Flexibility: Students are able to study wherever they are whenever they wish. All they need is an Internet enabled device and a connection.

At JVHS we are committed to extending the educational horizon for Jewish high school students by providing them with a range of courses that will allow them to achieve high school credit online. These courses include topics of particular interest to Jewish students such as Israel Advocacy and Education; subjects that are not available to them in traditional high school settings yet which are in full compliance with Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) requirements.

Online Support and Accountability

Merely offering online courses of study would be pointless if we did not also offer robust support for our online students. As such JVHS allows students to peruse the biographical and professional backgrounds of our teachers and select the one they feel would be the best match for them. Once the teacher has been selected students are provided with their email address and are encouraged to stay in contact throughout the duration of their studies. In the unlikely event serious issues arise students are also provided the phone number and email of our principal.

Why Choose Jewish Virtual High School?

JVHS is the first online Jewish school offering high school credit online. The goal is to provide a solid educational and cultural foundation Jewish students can build upon as they move into the world at large in later years. We work only with fully accredited and experienced high school teachers and go the extra mile to ensure that our online offerings are affordable. If you’d like your high school age child to be more fully versed in his or her own culture and traditions while earning high school credit online at the same time the Jewish Virtual High School is here for you.