Jewish Courses Online

Jewish courses online Jewish Courses Online: The popularity of online learning has been growing by leaps and bounds in recent years as more people have acquired more Internet ready devices, broadband (both cable and Wi-Fi) has become accessible to nearly everyone and the cost of quality education has skyrocketed. Until now however there hasn’t been anywhere online a Jewish high school student could receive OSSD credit for studying both core high school subjects as well as subjects related to their unique historical and cultural background. Thankfully the Jewish Virtual High School (JVHS) is here to fill that academic void.

Why Study Jewish Courses Online?

There are as many answers to that question as there are Jewish high school students. But while they may vary in their specific reasons for studying Jewish courses online they all agree on the benefits of online study as a concept, including:

  • Scheduling flexibility: Some students are needed around the house when most are heading off to school. Other students have jobs that keep them away from school during certain hours and still other students wish to take online courses in addition to the academic load they’re carrying at their high school. Online study is the answer for all these situations.
  • Lack of pressure: When a student studies online there is no one standing over them reminding them the clock is running down or pressuring them to provide an answer on the spot. Online courses allow students to study at their own pace and to take time to thoroughly research vexing concepts and subjects before providing answers.
  • No distractions: Brick and mortar high schools can be fun, exciting and incredibly distracting. As a result, many students have difficulty balancing work with the distractions swirling around them. Online study allows students to take the classroom with them to a quiet place of their choosing where they’re better able to concentrate.
  • Greater choice: Virtually any topic is available for study online and now, thanks to JVHS, that includes an ever-growing number of Jewish subjects. For parents dismayed by the lack of Jewish educational opportunities available in traditional high schools Jewish courses online at JVHS play an invaluable role in restoring balance to their kids’ academic curriculum.
  • Convenience: Perhaps the most important and oft-cited advantage online courses have over classes at the high school is that of convenience. There’s no fighting traffic to get to your online course. No having to de-ice the windshield on cold Ontario mornings. No stressing that you’re going to be late for class. Class is there when you’re ready.

With an increasing number of students seeking ways to bolster their Jewish education JVHS will be playing an increasingly important role in the academic lives of Jewish high school students in the province going forward. As a division of widely respected Torah High our Jewish courses online will continue to evolve while conforming to the highest standards and providing OSSD credits toward graduation. If you are interested in enrolling your Jewish high school student at JVHS get in touch today and find out more about our groundbreaking methods and curriculum.