Jewish online

Jewish onlineJewish online: Jewish Virtual High School (JVHS) is a division of Torah High and the first school offering both core and Jewish online courses for Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) credit. JVHS enables Jewish high schoolers to enrol in courses that provide a deeper understanding of their traditions, values and cultural heritage. As an offshoot of Torah High it embodies the highest standards of intellectual pursuit through courses led by some of the most qualified and dedicated education professionals in Ontario. If you’re interested in providing your child the opportunity to expand their personal and social horizons in a manner that’s in keeping with their unique heritage, JVHS is for you.

The New World of Jewish online Studies

It’s hard to believe that until now there has been no way for Jewish high school students to earn credit online while working toward their diploma but it’s true. JVHS addresses that societal shortcoming and with all the commitment, vision and dedication of Torah High behind us the sky’s the limit for Jewish high schoolers who enrol. When students join the JVHS family to study any of our OSSD compliant courses they’ll enjoy:

  • Ultimate convenience: Students are able to tailor their study time to accommodate their lives not the other way around. If something comes up they can suspend studying at any time and pick up again when circumstances are more favourable.
  • Flexibility: Students are no longer tethered to the physical structure of the school. All they need is an Internet enabled device and a connection and they’re in class. They can be at home or halfway around the world with family and still keep up with their studies.
  • Greater involvement: Students who might otherwise be shy or intimidated by the typical high school environment often thrive in online courses. Peer pressure and a wealth of distractions are non-factors and the student can simply concentrate on the subject.
  • Enhanced technical abilities: Students learn to create and share complex documents, create, edit and distribute interactive materials and author papers that include citations, footnotes and more. All these skills will ultimately translate well to the professional environment.
  • Affordability: Whereas a student may only be able to afford a single supplemental class at a brick and mortar school, they may well be able to enrol in several online courses at JVHS for the same price. It’s also likely they won’t need to purchase any expensive textbooks.
  • No commute: No more scraping ice from the windshield at 7am. No more sitting in a traffic jam while the bell rings to start class. No more waiting for buses, hailing taxis, emerging from the school building after dark and needing to find a way home.

The advantages of studying Jewish online are many: from learning advanced computer skills to being able to take the time to thoroughly absorb the material to studying the courses that mean something to you personally. Enrolling in JVHS to study Jewish online or any other course is just the smart thing to do.