Jewish Studies Courses Online

Jewish Studies Courses OnlineJewish Studies Courses Online: Torah High has become a focal point for Jewish learning nationwide. Founded in 2003 the school provides a safe, nurturing, fun environment where young Jewish students can become more familiar with Jewish philosophy, ethics, history and creativity while earning academic credits at either the high school or college level. Jewish Virtual High School (JVHS) is an offshoot of Torah High that seeks to fill the interactive learning void facing Jewish high school students by offering them online Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) compliant courses on everything from biology to Israel advocacy.

The Importance of Jewish Studies Courses Online

The goal of Torah High is to enrich the lives of young Jewish students by providing them courses that reinforce their heritage while allowing them to find their own place in the world. The Jewish Virtual High School picks up that baton and carries it to the Internet where Jewish high school students can cover some of the same Jewish studies courses online and earn OSSD credits in the process.

The JVHS Vision

The JVHS exists to extend educational possibilities for Jewish high school students by offering standard high school and Jewish oriented full credit courses. JVHS is the first such online school to offer such courses and will be expanding the scope of our curriculum as we move forward confidently into the future. JVHS Jewish studies courses online are:

  • Convenient: No more riding the bus or catching taxis late at night. Class begins and ends when the student is ready, and students have 18 months to complete any given course.
  • Accessible: Power up your laptop, tablet or smartphone and log into class. You can be on one of those buses heading for school on a Monday morning or seated next to the hotel pool on vacation. All you need is an Internet connection.
  • Affordable: As JVHS has no expensive facilities to maintain we can offer a full range of online courses for considerably less than you’d pay for the same courses at a private brick and mortar school.
  • Relevant: All of the courses offered through JVHS are chosen for their ability to prepare Jewish high school students for university and beyond. Every course is taught by top education professionals utilizing the latest techniques and technologies.
  • Pressure free: Students of JVHS are able to learn at their own pace free of the arbitrary time constraints of the typical classroom. If they need time to consider an answer they can take as much as they need. If they need to leave “the class” and think things over, no problem.
  • Enriching: While we offer a variety of OSSD core curriculum subjects we also provide an array of Jewish studies courses online aimed at teaching our young people about their history and culture.

At JVHS we believe that while brick and mortar schools will continue to occupy an important place in the academic lives of young people they will increasingly be sharing that place with online educational resources that can deliver superior convenience, accessibility and value.