Ontario Credit Online

Ontario Credit OnlineOntario Credit Online: Parents are sometimes reluctant to enrol their kids in online courses fearing that all will be for naught when any credit earned is deemed academically unfit for official transcripts. It’s an understandable concern but one that is entirely unwarranted when it comes to courses offered by the Jewish Virtual High School (JVHS). JVHS is a division of Torah High. Torah High is inspected every two years by the Ontario MOE and allowed to issue Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) credits. OSSD credits are the same ones earned by any student in Ontario who attends a traditional brick and mortar high school.

Earning OSSD Ontario Credit Online

Even if your son or daughter is already registered as a full or part-time student at an inspected private or public school in Ontario they can still receive Ontario credit online for courses taken through JVHS. No permission is needed from the school although you may need to check with the particular school’s guidance regarding which outside classes they recognize.

Online Learning: The Future of Education

There are some who consider online education a passing fad but as each year passes and education becomes more and more entwined with the online experience those voices are beginning to fade into the background. The JVHS may be the first Jewish online school offering Ontario credit online but in that sense we’re pioneers, not a one-off. Here are some of the reasons we believe online learning is here to stay:

  • It allows students to work at their natural pace: No one is standing over the student reminding them the clock is winding down. No one is reported for being late to class. No one is penalized for taking extra time to think over an important answer.
  • It’s screen-centric: Young people today are all about interacting with screens. Whether that be the screen on their home computer, their tablet or their smartphone. Online courses recognize this paradigm shift and bring the education where the attention is.
  • It’s mobile: Not only does online learning allow students to work at their own pace it also allows them to work at their own place. They can pick up on their course wherever and whenever they feel comfortable and focused. All they need is an Internet connection.
  • It’s affordable: Online educational institutions like JVHS are free of the expenses associated with maintaining large brick and mortar facilities. As such they can offer a course that may cost $1,000 or more at a traditional school for a fraction of that price.
  • It’s great for shy students: Many students are simply not temperamentally suited for the hustle and bustle of modern high schools. Increasing amounts of evidence however shows that these same students often thrive when given the opportunity to migrate to online courses.

Online learning is here to stay and will only expand in scope over the coming years. As it does JVHS will continue to lead the way for Jewish high school students to earn Ontario credit online, fulfil their compulsory educational requirements and learn more about their unique history, culture and traditions.