Torah High Credit

Torah High CreditTorah High Credit: Parents are naturally concerned that credits their high school kids earn online won’t be accepted as part of their permanent record. While there may be cases when such concerns are warranted in the case of the Jewish Virtual High School (JVHS) they are not. JVHS is division of Torah High, an Ontario MOE inspected private school that offers first-class educational opportunities to students who wish to make the exploration of their Jewish identity an integral part of their academic experience. All credits earned through Torah High and its affiliate JVHS are Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) credits, the same credits issued through every MOE inspected high school in the province.

Earning Torah High Credit

As a division of Torah High JVHS offers the same high-quality OSSD credits as every brick and mortar high school in Ontario. Where we diverge is in offering a wide range Jewish studies (also OSSD compliant) for our students and in the fact that ‘attending’ JVHS requires nothing more than powering up any Internet enabled device and logging on. While different students who study with JVHS have different reasons for doing so most appreciate:

  • The ability to study at their own pace: Some students may feel held back by the pace of learning in a typical Ontario high school while others may feel left behind. Both types of students benefit from the JVHS online learning environment where students can complete their course in a matter of weeks if they’re so inclined or take up to 18 months.
  • The accessibility and flexibility JVHS provides: JVHS students are able to access their course any time that’s convenient from anywhere they feel comfortable. This type of flexibility is prized by students from non-traditional family environments, those with special medical needs and those who wish to augment their daytime studies with after-hours learning.
  • The range of available courses: Students often feel stifled by the limited academic focus of traditional brick and mortar educational institutions. The Torah High credit courses available through JVHS allow Jewish students to more fully explore their unique cultural heritage and to do so with some of the most experienced high school teachers in the province.

Parents appreciate the fact that their kids are not only enjoying a more well-rounded, personally relevant academic experience but that JVHS can offer its online courses for a fraction of what it would cost to take the same courses at a traditional private school. Other benefits of earning Torah High credit through JVHS include:

  • No transportation costs.
  • No transportation risks.
  • No time wasted commuting to and from class.
  • Little or no need for expensive textbooks.

Torah High was founded with the goal of enabling Jewish high school students to explore their unique identity and JVHS expands that goal to the online environment where students can earn Torah High credit at their own pace in their own place. JVHS is Torah High’s way of acknowledging that online learning is here to stay and embracing all the amazing possibilities inherent in that statement.