Some of the Biggest Misconceptions About Studying for Ontario Credit Online

Some of the Biggest Misconceptions About Studying for Ontario Credit Online

Ontario credit online Online education has been generating misconceptions from the moment the Electronic University Network offered its first course back in the mid-80s. Typically those misconceptions are spawned by a lack of information about gaining academic credit in this fashion. And even though millions the world over take at least one online course every year these days the misconceptions persist. Below we’re going to examine the most popular misconceptions about studying online and see if we can’t put them to rest.

Ontario Credit Online: Popular Misconceptions

Misconceptions arise when there is a lack of information regarding a certain topic. Below are some popular misconceptions about receiving Ontario credit online.

  • Misconception: Online courses are far easier than traditional courses – If you are looking into online education hoping this is the case you’re in for a rude awakening. Every course we offer at JVHS has been designed and thoroughly vetted by education professionals and is in full compliance with OSSD (Ontario Secondary School Diploma) requirements. No gimmies.
  • Misconception: Online courses have no set completion date – This popular myth is as much wishful thinking as it is misconception. While 20 years ago a few institutions offered self-paced online courses those days are long over. If you don’t complete an accredited online course within the set time frame today you run the very real risk of failing that course.
  • Misconception: Online credits aren’t “real” academic credits – The misconception that academic credits earned online won’t be recognized when it comes to a high school diploma or applying to universities is baseless. The fact is every course we offer is OSSD compliant, which means they’re as real as anything you’d receive from a brick and mortar high school.
  • Misconception: You need to be a computer genius to take online courses – This misconception is a holdover from 20 years ago when most people didn’t know how to use a computer mouse. To take an online course today you just need to know how to connect to the Internet and open a browser. If you don’t know how to do those things ask a friend. It’s easy.
  • Misconception: Online teachers are never available – The online instructors associated with JVHS are committed to your success and make themselves available to all their students on a regular basis to discuss the material, answer questions or provide clarification on concepts or course structure among other things.
  • Misconception: You’re a student body of 1 – Some students choose not to take Ontario credit online because they think they’ll be completely on their own. The reality is there are a number of ways to build rapport with other online students from chat groups to discussion forums to Skype and more. There’s no chance you’ll be stranded on an academic island by yourself.

JVHS offers an array of OSSD compliant courses for Jewish students that are convenient, flexible and easily accessible to anyone with the most basic computer abilities. Call us on 905-761-6279 or email JVHS at to find out more.

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