How Do Colleges View High School Credit Online?

How Do Colleges View High School Credit Online?

high school credit online Getting accepted into the college or university of your choice is no easy task. You need to have the grades to back up your application, recommendations from members of the academic community you’re coming from, an outstanding score on your standardized tests and, typically, some form of real world experience related to your field of interest. One question a lot of students have for us is this: will obtaining high school credit online actually hurt my chances of being accepted at my preferred university? It’s a good and important question and we’ll look at it below.

Will Obtaining High School Credit Online Help or Hurt?

A lot of students and their parents have concerns about whether online credit gained via JVHS will actually help or hurt when it comes to gaining acceptance to quality universities. While a decade ago there may have been some lingering hesitation to accepting online credits that time has largely passed and today what the college is looking for has more to do with the quality of those online courses and what online school you obtained them from, rather than whether they were gained online or not.

So What are Colleges Looking for?

In most cases the college or university you apply to is not concerned with whether you obtained credit online. What they want to see is that you have studied with an accredited online school like JVHS (more on this below) and that your curriculum has been a challenging, well-rounded one that you have met head on. Online courses in the life sciences, media arts, foreign languages and a history of extracurricular activities related to your field of interest will all help shine a positive light on your application. Of course it should go without saying that taking a particular class isn’t enough. You need the grades to support your application as well.

The Importance of Accreditation

As we mentioned, having online credits as part of your academic transcript is not typically an issue in 2018 and in some cases may actually be a net positive. The one caveat that cannot be ignored however is that those online credits must come from an accredited academic institution. JVHS is fully accredited and all of our online offerings comply with Ontario Secondary School Diploma requirements. Provided you maintain good grades every credit you earn through JVHS will be a valuable addition to your permanent academic record and serve you well during the university application process.

Enhance Your Academic Standing with Courses from JVHS

JVHS offers challenging, well-structured and relevant high school credit online that will enhance your overall academic standing while simultaneously allowing you to explore Jewish culture and your place in it. JVHS employs some of the most talented educators working today; educators who understand the challenges of the contemporary world, the type of skills and knowledge that best serve our young people going forward and the importance of innovative and engaging extracurricular activities that will help them gain perspective and put the pieces of their own, emerging picture of themselves together in a productive way.

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