How do Teens Cope with the Stress of High School Without Burning Out

How do Teens Cope with the Stress of High School Without Burning Out

Torah High CreditBeing a teenager during the high school years can be one of the most stressful periods of anyone’s life.  Peer pressure, increased workload, hormonal changes and pressure to succeed can all make the secondary school years tense for growing young adults.  Those who aren’t doing well with the demands of the traditional classroom, might find a kinder environment by taking online courses. This article will go over three ways online courses can help teens cope with the stress of high school without burning out.


Traditional classrooms force all students to learn at the same pace.  This is all right for students who are work well with the pace that their teachers set, but some students learn faster while others might learn slower.  Lack of synchronization in either direction can cause problems for the student. Online course allow students to choose their own pace and spend as much time as they need on each lesson.  There’s no pressure of moving on without understanding the lesson or being bored to tears because the class is moving too slowly. By choosing their own pace, students will find themselves less likely to burn out.


For some students, the traditional classroom can be an incredibly distracting environment.  Being surrounded by the hustle and bustle of other students and their resulting social pressures can cause a student to lose focus as well as the ability to learn properly.  When taking online courses, the student can choose an environment that’s ideal for them to succeed. Whether that’s on a comfortable couch, in their bedroom or somewhere other than a desk in the middle of a noisy classroom is completely okay when taking online courses.  


In a traditional classroom, students are at the behest of their class schedules and teachers when it comes to a routine.  They may have no choice over what time their classes begin and end or which classes they have to attend at certain times of day.  This doesn’t bode well for students who might learn better in the evenings or find that math is easier to understand in the mornings whereas biology works best after lunch.  Online courses allow students to create routines that work best for them. If this means taking a physics class at midnight, online course offer that flexibility.

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