How to Choose a Computer for Online Learning

How to Choose a Computer for Online Learning

choosing computer When it comes to taking online courses, the most important piece of equipment is your computer.  Without this vital piece of gear you won’t be able to get online to access the information you’re meant to learn.  But buying a computer can be a confusing experience. They’re not cheap and there are a wide range of options available.  If you want some tips on how to choose a computer for online learning, check out these pointers.

Laptop Versus Desktop

Choosing between a laptop and desktop computer will depend on how you work and how much money you have to spend.  If you plan on staying at home to do all your work, a desktop computer will give you a more comfortable and stable interface for a cheaper price.  With a desktop you’ll be able to take your work with you wherever you go, but you’ll pay more for the luxury. Laptops typically have more compact and less comfortable keyboards that could impact your ability to type.  And if you’re out and about you’ll also find yourself constantly searching for an electrical outlet and access to wifi.  

What Will Your Computer’s Workload Be?

If you’re using your computer to watch livestream videos, type up essays and create spreadsheets, you could probably get away with using one of the cheaper models on the market.  Most every computer these days is built to be able to stream audio and video and type and save documents. If your course requires the use of large files such as high resolution photographs, high quality audio or video files or programming software suites you’ll need to beef up your system’s memory and processing abilities.  

Mac Versus PC

This argument has been going on as long as the two operating systems have existed.  The fact is that over the years they’ve copied from each so much that they both work in very similar ways.  There are differences, but if you’re already used to one type of system, it won’t be that much of a stretch to move to the other.  You will pay a premium for a Mac, but they’re also known to be less affected by viruses and malware. That said, PCs have come a long way in combating malicious code and rarely will your machine conk out completely because of visiting a shady website.  The difference between Mac and PC these days is pretty much a personal preference.

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