How to Manage Holidays & Vacations with Online Classes

How to Manage Holidays & Vacations with Online Classes

vacations with online classesOne of the great aspects of online classes is their flexibility.  Students are able to complete their work when it’s convenient for them while allowing them to continue on with activities that may take place during the traditional school day.  However, because online courses begin all the time, it often occurs that a course will run through a holiday season or during a time when a student will want to take a vacation. For this reason, it’s important to learn how to manage holidays and vacations with online classes.  This article will give three tips for how to do this.

Work With Your Instructor

Keeping your instructor informed of any holiday plans you might have will go a long way to ensuring you meet your deadlines and receive full marks.  It won’t help your case if you let your instructor know after the fact that the reason your paper is late is because you were laying on a beach in Tahiti.  But if you can give your instructor plenty of forewarning when it comes to any planned holidays they’ll be able to suggest the best method for enjoying your holiday and still getting your work done on time.  Just be forthright with them. Instructors are human and understand the importance of holidays. You might not get an extension on your assignments, but you’ll at least know where you stand.

Plan Ahead

If you’ve let your instructor know about your holiday plans beforehand, you’ll have a better understanding of what needs to be done and when.  You’ll know if you need to hand in assignments before their actual due date or if you’ll need to do some work while you’re away. You might even be able to arrange a postponement of your classes.  The fact is, without planning ahead your true range of options won’t be apparent.

Consider Using Holiday Time For Work

It’s becoming more common that students are using holiday periods to actually sit down and get a lot of concentrated work done.  With many activities curtailed during holiday seasons it can free up time for the student to get ahead on readings, assignments and papers.  If you get some time off work or other obligations due to widely recognized holidays, consider putting that time towards getting caught up or even getting ahead with your coursework.

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