How to Prepare for Online Midterms

How to Prepare for Online Midterms

mid termsThey always seem to come up much faster than anticipated.  Midterms are the first major tests you’ll take in any course – online or in the classroom.  They can make up as much as 30% or more of your final mark, so getting a good grade on your midterm is important for setting the tone for the rest of the semester.  Ace this test and you’ll be well on your way to top marks. Blow it and you’ll spend the rest of the course playing catch up. To help ensure you get off on the right foot we’ve come up with a guide on how to prepare for online midterms.

Get To Work Right From The Start

Your first few classes may seem incredibly basic and may not seem to carry that many, if any, complex ideas.  But this can be deceiving and you shouldn’t dismiss these early days as a time to slack off. Before you know it you’ll be in the middle of the meaty parts of the subject and the midterm will be looming large.  Take advantage of a lightweight start to fully comprehend what’s going on, keep up with the material and even allow yourself to get ahead in the coursework if possible. It will make preparations for the midterm a simple matter of reviewing everything you already know rather than trying to catch up and understand the concepts for the first time.

Double Check Your Test Date And Time

It may seem ridiculous, but there are always students who don’t realize when their test is actually occurring.  This can result in a lack of time to properly study or even missing the test altogether. It sounds simple, but it’s not something to be ignored or assumed.  Check and double check the time and date of your midterm test.

Have A Backup Tech Plan

You’ll need to ensure your computer and everything associated with it is working on the day of your test.  And although you can do everything in your power to make sure everything is working beforehand, there can always be a glitch or gremlin that pops up at exactly the wrong time.  This is why you should have a backup plan in case your tech (ie your computer, your internet connection, your software) fails you. Access to a spare computer, a location with reliable wifi and an alternate way to retrieve important documents can save you in a last minute emergency.


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