How to Raise Your High School GPA (By Taking Online Courses)

How to Raise Your High School GPA (By Taking Online Courses)

high school gpaFor better or worse, your Grade Point Average (GPA) will play an important role in being admitted into the secondary education program that you’re applying for.  Those with the highest GPAs will likely be able to choose which schools they attend and what courses they study.  For those with lower GPAs, the ability to choose a certain school or course will be limited by the number of students accepted by each school or program.  Those with extremely low GPAs might not be accepted by any secondary learning institution.  So how is it possible to utilize online courses to improve your GPA?  This article will go over some strategies that have been used by Torah High students who took Jewish Virtual High School studies.

Get Better Grades Earlier

It may sound easier than actually possible, but starting with good grades early will make it much easier to raise your GPA later on.  The fact is, with poor grades early on and fewer courses ahead of you, the law of averages makes it that much more difficult to raise your GPA later on.  Try and start off on the right foot by getting good grades early on.

Focus On Problem Areas

With Jewish Virtual High School courses, you’re not limited by time spent in the classroom going over concepts that you already understand.  As opposed to a regular brick and mortar school, if you’ve already mastered a concept, you don’t need to wait until the entire class gets it before you can move on.  Allow yourself to quickly skip over ideas that make sense and concentrate on areas that are giving you more problems.  By focusing on problem areas, you’ll give yourself a better understanding of the overall subject which will, in turn, raise your final marks.

Take More Courses

By taking more courses you’ll give yourself more grades which will allow your lower scores to be averaged out when calculating your GPA.  Because virtual courses allow you to work at your own pace, you can complete coursework faster than typically prescribed in a conventional school, allowing you to undertake more coursework resulting in more (and hopefully) higher grades.  Get the law of averages to work for you by adding extra scores into your GPA calculations.

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