What to Look for in a Good Jewish Online School

What to Look for in a Good Jewish Online School

Jewish Online SchoolMore and more often in the 21st century, technology is continuing to shape the world we live in and change the way we do things. When it comes to education, this trend is in full swing, with the growing popularity of online schools. However, some Jewish online schools are better than others – here’s how you can find the good ones to pick.

Signs You’ve Found a Good Jewish Online School

  • Accreditation

Like all things, there are good and there are bad online schools, and to the untrained eye it can be hard to spot the differences until it’s too late. One thing that’s a sign of high quality is accreditation.

Accreditation usually occurs through an outside, third-party institution examining a number of features, such as the course aims, materials and graduation requirements. Therefore if you’ve come across an online school that’s accredited, it’s usually a sign that the quality will be decent and worthwhile and will be a safe choice. Whilst some Jewish online schools may have their own reasons to not pursue accreditation, it’s usually seen as a good indicator of quality and those without should be given a wide berth.

  • Course Content

A diverse list of courses and different forms of assessment within them not only makes for a pleasant learning experience, but shows that the school cares about the needs of the students. Because after all, nobody wants to write essay after essay, do they?

  • Interactivity

Believe it or not, some online schools don’t have in place a mechanism for you to contact a teacher if you have a problem. Whether that’s because the teacher has entered the school half-heartedly or doesn’t even exist in the first place, it’s a huge red flag and a telltale sign that this school should be avoided. Instead, look for the online schools that will pair you with a teacher who is available at the point of need. Not only does that mean the teacher and school are committed to your education, but you can also get the most out of your education and really thrive, too.

A further bonus is the ability to message other students on the course. Not only can this help you to learn by bouncing ideas off one another, it can create a sense of belonging and community that can make your experience one to remember.

  • Support System

Jewish online schools are new and can be tricky for people to get the hang of, which is why you should pick one with a support system. Whether it’s 24/7 IT help, an orientation on how to navigate the site or your own personal tutor or buddy, it’s definitely wise to pick a school which has a support structure over one that expects you to figure it all out yourself.

Finding the Right Jewish Online School

We know it’s daunting but by following the above information you can’t go far wrong. By taking the time to research the right school and its features, you can ward against any heartache and frustration in the future and get excited for an education you won’t forget.

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