Online High School Credit: Could it Be Your Solution?

Online High School Credit: Could it Be Your Solution?

online high school credit There are lots of teens who are having a hard time keeping up with their regular classwork and are looking for alternative methods of earning academic credit. For most, that means exploring the possibility of studying online. But while earning online high school credit seems an easy and painless way to augment a traditional brick and mortar education the fact is not all students thrive in the online learning environment. So it’s important that you have a full grasp of exactly what’s involved with earning high school credit online before signing your child up.

Who Thrives in the Online High School Credit Environment?

If you are mulling the possibility of enrolling your son or daughter in online courses at the Jewish Virtual High School there are a few things you’ll need to consider first.

  • Their Motivation Level – In order for a student to be successful in the distance learning environment they need to be self-motivated types. This is perhaps the biggest reason students fail trying to earn online credits. The fact is not every student is a self-starter and most will need at least a modicum of guidance in order to thrive. There’s certainly nothing wrong with needing guidance but it’s important to have make an honest assessment of your child’s personality before committing to a program that requires self-motivation and monitoring.
  • Is it Realistic? – The concept of distance learning is one that appeals to many parents for a variety of reasons. What is sometimes forgotten in the rush to sign up for online high school credit however is the fact that, if your teen is not going off to school every day they’re going to be home instead. Is that something that is going to dovetail with your work schedule? Is your teenager mature enough to be left home by herself or himself? This is particularly important to consider if your child is the type that will need the occasional push to get them going; which ties in with their ability to self-motivate.
  • Will Your Child Adapt Socially? – Even though your child will have access to other online learners when they study for credit online it’s not the same as having face to face physical contact with friends in the real world. Will your child be able to make the switch to peer relationships that are mostly digital? Also, if your child was involved in sports at their high school they may feel a definite sense of loss when they switch to an online environment. It’s possible your child will adapt quickly and easily to studying online. However, it’s also possible they may stumble out of the gate and have a hard time adjusting.

If there is a common theme running through the above considerations it’s this: knowing who your child is before committing them to online learning. Not everyone is suited for this type of educational approach. Those that are typically display a high degree of self-motivation and maturity. Call the JVHS on 905-761-6279 to learn more about whether online learning is the solution for your child.

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