Online High School Credit Vs Conventional High School Credit: Is There a Difference?

Online High School Credit Vs Conventional High School Credit: Is There a Difference?

online high school credit The Internet has opened up learning opportunities that simply didn’t exist a generation ago. Couple that with the fact that young people today don’t think twice about doing things online that used to be strictly real-world activities, (like shopping and meeting new people) and you have the perfect environment for online high school courses to take hold. And take hold they have. The number of young people today taking online high school courses is growing exponentially and is now counted in the millions worldwide.

At Jewish Virtual High School (JVHS) we’ve been at the forefront when it comes to offering high quality online courses but there’s one question that keeps coming up over and over again: “Will the credit I earn online transfer to the real world?”

Earn Real Online High School Credit

The short answer to the above question is “yes”, with one condition: that the learning institution be fully accredited. JVHS is just such a program. We’re a division of Torah High and Torah High is accredited by the Ontario Ministry of Education. As such we’re able to issue the same Ontario Secondary School (OSSD) credits your son or daughter would receive in a traditional high school. With that in mind what are some of the reasons young people today are choosing to study through JVHS?

  • Convenience – First and foremost taking High School courses online is extremely convenient. You can participate in your education wherever you are as long as you have a computer and Internet connection. This is especially important for students whose families move frequently because of the nature of the parent’s work.
  • A chance to get ahead – While most students have their hands full with a traditional high school curriculum for some students the pace of the traditional high school actually holds them back. By taking online courses through JVHS these students, driven to excel, have a chance to finally realize their full potential.
  • Flexibility – Not only can your son or daughter study while in the privacy of their room or while they’re enjoying a beautiful day in the park, they’re also able to study on their own schedule. If they have a part time job they can study around it. If they have an evening at home with nothing to do they can login and catch up on their coursework.
  • Safety – If your son or daughter has been subjected to bullying at school studying online can provide them a safe environment within which to achieve their academic goals and set them back on course toward a successful future.

Online high school credit is easy to acquire with the full range of courses provided by Jewish Virtual High School. You’ll never need to worry that your child is wasting their time and energy on courses that won’t contribute to their academic record, never need to worry that they’re being subjected to bullying on the school campus and never need to worry that your overachiever isn’t getting what he or she needs. Give us a call on 905-761-6279 to find out more about online high school credit at JVHS.

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