Why More and More People are Signing Up for Jewish Online Courses

Why More and More People are Signing Up for Jewish Online Courses

Learning about and identifying with your heritage is an essential part of the Jewish experience. Up until recently however if you wanted to take Jewish courses you had to either attend a brick and mortar school that may or may not be conveniently located, spend time at the library or perhaps attend a class sponsored by your temple; which again, may or may not be convenient for you. Today however there’s no need to fight traffic or worry about how you’ll be able to fit the Jewish courses you want to take into your busy schedule because Jewish Virtual High School (JVHS) offers a full array of Jewish courses online so you can study at your convenience.Jewish online

The Many Advantages of Studying Jewish Online with JVHS

Once you learn more about the range of courses offered by the Jewish Virtual High School you begin to understand why so many students are choosing to learn about their Jewish heritage through our online courses. We offer:

  • Near total flexibility – Yes, you‘ll need to do the work but beyond that you’ll have near total flexibility when you study Jewish online with JVHS. You’ll choose the courses, decide when is the best time for you to login and work and be able to do that work from any location as long as you have a computer and Internet access.
  • Affordability – Since we have no physical campus to maintain, no classrooms to heat and illuminate and no parking lots to plow our overhead is minimal and we can pass on those savings to you. For the cost of a single class at a traditional school you may be able to take several course at JVHS.
  • No pressure – When you attend a class at a traditional school it runs from X hour to Y hour and that’s that. If you didn’t pick up what was being taught you’re largely out of luck. When you study at JVHS you can stop if you’re lost and figure things out before resuming the class. There’s no pressure to “Learn now or else!”
  • Distraction-free learning – When you study online you can do so wherever you choose. If it’s too noisy in the kitchen just move to your bedroom and close the door. If it’s still too noisy just grab your laptop and headphones and head for the library. You never have to just accept distractions the way you do in a traditional class. Just take class with you to a quiet place.
  • Learn new skills – Online learning often requires students to learn new skills such as how to create multimedia presentations, how to share documents, how to author professional grade papers and more. All things that will serve them well in their professional life.

It’s no secret why more and more people are deciding to study Jewish online. It’s because they want to learn more about who they are and where they come from and do so at a pace and at a price that suits them. Contact JVHS for more information.

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