Several Benefits of Torah High Credit

Several Benefits of Torah High Credit

Torah High CreditThe Jewish Virtual High School (JVHS) is powered by Torah High and provides an innovative, rigorously conceived platform for Jewish students to enhance their education on their own time. Signing up for classes is easy, even if you are a full time student in a brick and mortar public high school. The quality of the courses we offer at JVHS is beyond reproach and our master educators, technologists, advisors and multimedia specialists are recognized experts in their fields. But those are only some of the benefits of obtaining Torah High credit.

Enhance Your Educational Experience with Torah High Credit

At JVHS we feature a robust mixture of collaborative and independent coursework designed to enhance every aspect of your education. We provide a welcome, nurturing environment where students are free to explore the world and their Jewish identity. Here are a few more benefits of Torah High credit.

  • Connecting with others – Torah High provides a unique opportunity to connect directly with other Jewish teenagers and expand your circle of friends. The environment at Torah High/JVHS is one that’s open and fun while also being both intellectually and socially rewarding. Our goal is to enhance your educational and cultural experience while at the same time providing you with a platform from which to build bridges, form friendships, make connections and ease your entry into the larger world.
  • Cultivating your identity – Traditional high schools in Ontario by and large do an excellent job preparing students academically for the world beyond the classroom. However, Jewish students have particular needs that transcend the dry, academic recitation and memorization of information. The cultivation of one’s Jewish identity requires something more. Torah High provides the ways and the means for students to explore their Jewish identity both individually and collectively in a closer and more thorough way than they might otherwise be able to do.
  • Out of Class Options – Torah High sponsors what we call Out of Class Options or OCOs. These are opportunities for students to participate in community events, field trips, independent study and other extra-academic activities in order to broaden their experience and gain a greater understanding of themselves and the world they live in. We design these activities to be educational, fun and rewarding in ways a classroom activity simply can’t compete with. As a result, there is never any shortage of Torah High students signed up for the next OCO activity.

Torah High and Beyond

Taking classes through the Jewish Virtual High School allows you access to the vast resources of Torah High. That includes unique opportunities to interact with your world in safe, productive and eye opening ways that will help ensure a smooth transition from the classroom to the world beyond. We are proud of the quality of the courses we offer, proud of the quality of the educators we attract and proud advocates for Jewish learning. Contact JVHS today and set yourself on a path toward a more complete understanding of yourself, your heritage and your place in the world.

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