Stack Your Resume To Get Into The University of Your Dreams

Stack Your Resume To Get Into The University of Your Dreams

resumePutting forward a convincing case for being accepted into the university of your choice is a combination of preparation, inspiration, demonstration and persuasion.  Compiling an impressive resume can help pave the way to the university you have in your sights. But the construction of an influential resume depends on having the right credentials.  In this article we discuss how the Jewish Virtual High School can be an integral part of your resume building experience and help create a path towards the university of your dreams.

Grade Point Average

Of course one of the first things that admissions officers will look at when vetting your application is your grade point average.  JVHS offers convenient, accessible and pressure free courses that allow you to learn at your own speed without the constraints of the typical classroom.  Whether you need to spend more time on certain concepts or have the ability to bypass others, JVHS courses are set up to allow you to achieve the highest GPA possible.  By encouraging you to learn at a speed that best suits you rather than a standardized, generic student, you’ll find your GPA reaching levels you might not find possible in a conventional classroom.  Catch that admissions officer’s eye right from the get-go with a stellar GPA.


Mentioning the types of courses you took as well as those you found most interesting and excelled in will give the admissions team a better idea of your strengths and passions.  JVHS offers a wide variety of core curriculum subjects as well as an extensive batch of Jewish studies courses that teach history and culture. All the courses are developed to prepare students for a university career as well as enhancing their personal interests while creating well-rounded graduates.  

Other Activities

It’s also important to prove to the admissions office that you’re a dynamic, versatile and well-rounded person.  For this reason it’s important to include any extracurricular activities, jobs and volunteer experiences you’re involved in.  You may be mainly interested in sports, but showing you also have experience in the arts, politics or compassionate causes will make you stand out from one dimensional applications.  Showing you have balance in your life is an aspect that recruiters keep an eye out for. Use your extracurricular activities to prove that.


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