Three New Year’s Resolutions for Online Students

Three New Year’s Resolutions for Online Students

Easy Way to Earn High School CreditIf you’re a student who has already taken the plunge into online courses you’ve likely found a flexibility and freedom that isn’t readily available in the traditional classroom.  Being able to decide when and where you want to get your work done can be a truly liberating experience for the new online course convert. But just like in the traditional classroom, online coursework isn’t all sunshine and bunny rabbits.  The hard work still needs to be done. To make things easier for the upcoming year, we’ve come up with a list of three New Year’s resolutions for online students.

Stop Procrastinating!

If you’re like most people, you’ll leave things until the very last minute and then crank out the assignments to meet the deadlines just in the nick of time.  You can take solace in the fact that many people, even full grown adults, work in this fashion. But you’ll also understand that it creates terrible stress and a much better job could be son if you started your assignments earlier.  Make this year the one where you join the minority and get your work done well ahead of your deadlines.

Spruce Up Your Study Area

Having a dedicated study area means that you can just sit down and get to work without having to gather up all the items necessary for completing your assignments.  Take some time at the beginning of this year to create a special spot for your online coursework. Beyond ensuring you have all the basic necessities on hand, use your imagination to make it an inviting place as well.  Add some meaningful decorations, make your space truly comfortable and you’ll find yourself getting down to work with a lot less resistance.

Increase Your Participation Levels

Getting more involved with your online courses will not only help your comprehension of the material, it’ll give you a feeling of investment that will help your overall learning attitude.  Get involved in discussions, ask questions and chat with your classmates. You’ll begin to create a network that will make you feel less isolated and can act as a great resource for when you need help.


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