Three Tips to Transition from Traditional School to Online School

Three Tips to Transition from Traditional School to Online School

school suppliesWith more and more students taking online courses it’s been found that there’s a lack of understanding and direction when switching from a brick and mortar classroom to online learning.  There’s definitely a learning curve when it comes to switching from traditional classroom to online courses. And if the student isn’t prepared for the change, they may find their results are more than lacking.  In order to help students who are new to online learning we’ve come up with three tips to transition from traditional school to an online school.

Understand That It’s Still School

Some students think that taking online courses is taking the easy way out or that it’ll be like playing video games.  The fact is that online school is still school. Students need to put in just as much work, if not more, than they would if they were attending a traditional classroom.  As long as the student understands that taking online courses will not absolve them of doing the hard work they will have a much greater chance of success.

Exercise Time Management Skills

In a traditional classroom most of the time management is taken care of by the structure provided by the teacher and the classroom schedule.  In most online courses time management is left entirely up to the student. Flexibility is a huge part of taking online courses, but without discipline that flexibility can result in the work not getting done.  Online students need to be responsible for their own scheduling and this can take a lot more work than it would in a regular classroom. Learning and implementing time management skills are necessary parts of the transition from traditional to online learning.

Create A Learning Space

In a traditional classroom a desk, locker and library are typically provided for the learners.  When taking online courses the student will need to set these spaces up for themselves. Taking the time before the course even starts to create a space or spaces to replicate the learning environment of the traditional school will set one up for success.

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