Three Ways to Keep Organized in Online High School

Three Ways to Keep Organized in Online High School

online courseThere’s a common misconception that taking online courses require less work than those that are attended in a traditional classroom.  The fact is that online courses generally require better organizational skills and demand as much time or more than that required when attending a brick and mortar classroom.  To help new students of online classwork start off on the right foot, we’ve come up with a list of three ways to keep organized in online high school.

Keep Up With The Schedule

It can be quite tempting to take it easy at the beginning of a course when the early concepts are simple and easy to understand.  But falling behind early on can cause major problems once the more complex concepts begin to be taught. By starting off the course keeping up with the schedule, or even getting ahead a little bit, you can ensure you’re able to give the more complex ideas the time they need without having to be constantly catching up.  Keeping up with your coursework right from the beginning will make things much easier for you later on.

Have A Backup

The problem with relying on technology is that when the technology fails, we can be left completely and utterly helpless.  If you already have an idea of what you’re going to do if your internet connection fails, your computer packs it in or you lose all your data, you won’t be left without an option to rectify the situation.  You might want to look into alternative workspaces in your neighbourhood such as cafes with wifi or library computers in case you lose your wifi or your computer goes down. You should also have backups (either in the cloud, on a separate hard drive or hardcopies) of your coursework in case you lose it due to a technical failure.

Create Reminders

Giving yourself regular reminders of assignment deadlines, exam dates and other important checkpoints will ensure you don’t miss or be surprised by an important stepping stone.  Technology is great for setting these up with online calendars, phone reminders and alerts. But you might also consider having a hardcopy in the form of a calendar or diary as an added insurance.

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