Two Ways to Streamline Your Study Notes

Two Ways to Streamline Your Study Notes

school suppliesTaking notes while witnessing lectures is probably the most important skill you can have when taking educational courses – online or in-person.

Understanding what your professor is trying to get across and being able to record the main points in a way that you can understand and easily retrieve later is a critical factor in getting a decent grade.

Sure, you can skip your lectures and read the text book instead, but through experience you’ll find that there’s typically way more information in the text book than what your professor wants you to actually know.

Recording the lecture with a good set of notes will allow to efficiently understand exactly what your professor is looking for when it comes to the test without getting bogged town by extraneous information.

In this article we go over two ways to streamline your study notes.

Capture The Big Ideas With Questions And Conclusions

Rather than writing down every word that comes out of your professor’s mouth, try to capture the big idea by first writing down a question and lastly getting down the conclusion, or answer to that question.  In between the question and conclusion should be all the evidence and relevant points that lead you from one to the other. This will allow you to listen and understand during the lecture rather than furiously writing without actually comprehending.  After the lecture, go back and rewrite your notes. This will allow you to make sure you understand all the connections and fill in any holes where you might have missed an important point.

Bundle Smaller Questions And Answers Into Larger Concepts

With this method you’ll be writing down several short questions and answers that cover the material presented by your professor.  When rewriting your notes you can bundle similar questions and answers together to create the larger concept that is being explained.  When reviewing your notes you’ll be able to understand exactly how many important points have been presented. Understand each of the question and answer bundles and you’ll be well prepared when it comes time for the test.

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