What is Credit Recovery?

What is Credit Recovery?

creditIf you end up finishing a course but don’t successfully complete the required work, you may be able to utilize credit recovery to gain the credits that were missed out on.  This will allow you to get back on track with your studies, receive the credits you missed and graduate when you were originally supposed to. It’s possible to work with your teachers and parents to come up with a plan that allows you to meet the criteria required for the necessary credits in your school curriculum.

Repetition Of Unachieved Expectations

One of the quickest methods of credit recovery is to repeat only the material in which the required expectations were not achieved.  This means that rather than repeating the entire course, only the areas in which you did not fulfill the requirements need to be redone.  This can be achieved through the use of summer school, independent study in your free time, through the use of remedial programs or by using the internet for long distance education.   Once your work is completed to satisfaction you will receive the credits you missed out on in the first place.

Remedial Programs

There may be a variety of remedial programs available which relate to the coursework in which you’re looking for credit recovery.  If there is a remedial program that matches your needs, you will be placed in a group of students who have similar requirements and will review the material in which you have not achieved expectations.  Completing the remedial program does not guarantee credit recovery, but it can form a strong foundation for completing the coursework required to achieve the necessary credits.

Repeating Coursework

If you did not complete a course or the coursework you did complete did not meet the required standards, you may find it necessary to repeat the entire course.  Typically held in a regular classroom setting, repeating an entire course will give you the necessary background to fully understand the prescribed concepts and allow you receive the credits that were missed out on in the first place.  It’s been found that many students who repeat an entire course become even better at the subject than those who received credit the first time around.

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