Will Taking An Online Course Improve Your Chances Of Getting Into University?

Will Taking An Online Course Improve Your Chances Of Getting Into University?

online courseWith the advent of the high speed internet connections there has been a major revolution in the way educational courses can be presented.  The ability to watch live lectures, stream videos and share large files has allowed online courses to proliferate. However, beyond the actual coursework itself, how can taking online courses improve your chances of getting into university?  The fact is, a student requires a wide variety of skills that go beyond simply understanding the subject material when taking online courses. Here are some of those skills that can be looked upon favourably by university admissions officers.

Time Management

Because an online student doesn’t have a teacher looking over their shoulder and ensuring assignments and projects are finished on time, this responsibility falls entirely to the student.  The ability of a student to independently assess the course load that’s been presented to them and determine how it should fit into their schedule shows they have the capacity to manage their time properly.  Since post-secondary courses have a similar hands-off teaching style, learning this skill before actually attending university is invaluable.


Completing an online course takes a lot of self-discipline.  Because the student is expected to go through the course material, complete the assignments and pass the tests on their own accord, a lack of discipline will ensure failure.  Without the the rigid timetable set out by classroom learning, the student is left to their own devices to calculate the best method for completing the coursework. Post secondary students need the same self-discipline to successfully navigate a university career.  Completing online courses is strong proof of this necessary discipline.


Without the routine and regularity of classroom-style courses, the online student must find their own motivation to get through the coursework.  Without an in-person teacher to oversee progress through the material, it falls upon the student’s own motivation to ensure the lessons are completed.  University admissions officers look at factors such as this when it comes to applicant acceptance.

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